Build your own digital health ecosystem.

We make your health data ready for exchange.

We believe in the power of high quality- and vendor independent health data. This is why we focus on following three key activities:

As a result, we offer a fast and flexible Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution for the secure exchange of your health data with your ecosystem. And the best part – continue to work with your familiar clinical or practice information system, gain significant healthcare efficiencies and eliminate all post, fax and e-mail communication internally as well as with your network partners. Benefit from gaining high quality- and vendor-independent data for better health outcomes, improving medical processes and workflows and saving huge overhead costs.

Product overview - a winning combination of supportive applications



healthbrain is a PaaS (Platform as a Service) solution including backend, middleware and frontend layers (IaaS). healthbrain secures data security, data privacy (DSGVO), collaboration, communication (E2E messaging, videocall) and telemedical as other services (SaaS). Mayan links patient specific documents (medical, non-medical) to specific patients. EHRbase exchanges patient specific structured data. DCM4Che secures all administration and communication around DICOM (radiology) images. Mirth maps data from third party systems to healthbrain and back.

Data model - healthbrain serves as a vendor-independent data broker

healthbrain as a vendor-independent data broker makes sure that structured and unstructured data are getting vendor-independent (OpenEHR) and ready to be exchanged between two or more organizations and systems around the same patient. This ensures that healthcare professionals are able to see all data around the same patient during the whole continuum of care from different sources. This is a game changer in health data exchange / collaboration and improves health outcomes in a way never seen before. Additionally, there is a clear and improved data governance model which secures data interoperability in terms of data ownership, security and privacy.