High quality patient feedbacks for individual care,
better experiences and evidence based outcomes (VBHC).

The Swiss company Healthbrain offers the worlds first collaborative ePROMs / ePREMs / equestionnaire solution fully integrated within the care process of interdisciplinary teams in a real-life setting. Thus healthcare professionals around the globe gain high quality patient feedbacks, benefit from early detection of irregularities or non-compliance in the therapy process and learn more about individual experiences and needs of their patients. With this powerful tool and in combination with parameters like clinical- or lab results, future diagnosis and monitoring of individual patients gets to another level. Patients are accompanied during the therapy process within their entire ecosystem which results in the participation of all relevant stakeholders of care including insurance- and life science companies. 

The platform is web based and responsive, fully GDPR and HIPAA compliant, offers FHIR (HL7), is multi tenant ready and exceeds highest quality standards.

Active integration of patients and team collaboration are key to success.

Healthbrain and its innovative technologies allow you to improve care quality and patient experience while at the same time reducing costs. The unique differentiator of the PROM-Application by Healthbrain in comparison with traditional ePROM-solutions lays into the active collaboration aspect. Care teams individually organize themselves around a patient in Care Groups where all necessary workflows during a care process cover ongoing in- and outpatient care. Everything in relation with highest security- and data privacy is solved thus you are able to focus on your patients. Additionally, Healthcare Institutions benefit from