International Standard PROMs

...and more.

The healthbrain platform is an integrated platform solution with different functions included which are well coordinated with each other.

  • Messaging (chat, videocall, notifications, invitations, ToDos)
  • eDMS (Mayan) with history management
  • Folders 
  • Workflow-Engine
  • Business Process Engine (Process-Management of groups, care groups etc.)
  • Zendesk Integration with help-desk (ticketing) and platform description

This supports the PROMs-application in different ways like

  • getting in direct contact with patients & peers (chat, videocall, notifications)
  • providing documentation (eDMS, folders)
  • helping users to get help when needed (ticketing, platform description)
  • supporting care- or study coordination (care groups, groups, workflows) etc. 
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