Solution as a Service - Ready to use.

The web based PROMs/PREMs and questionnaire application of Healthbrain is directly accessible from any device through the solution Care integrator by healthcare professionals in all countries around the world. Because everything is built on FHIR, connectivity to third party systems is easy and flexible.

And this is how the PROMs/PREMs questionnaire application works within Care Integrator. 

Easy create your own PROMs/PREMs or questionnaires.

Share PROMs/ PREMs or questionnaires with peers in your network.

Savely start PROMs/PREMs or questionnaires ad hoc or remote with patients.

Monitor your patients over time by insightful and clear reportings and evaluations.

Build your peer network and share PROMs/PREMs or questionnaires in collaboration with colleagues within your organisation or with third parties. Cover all use cases like (image):

Application examples, use cases

A patient is first received at your healthcare institution. Let the patient do the registration and answer the most important questions by either your electronic pad or his smart phone. This saves you the effort of having to enter the entire information yourself in the computer later on. In addition, the patient is already digitally registered.

Fingerprint or signature consent for patients in forms, surveys or processes.

Monitoring if patient are following therapy prescription.

Ask the departing patients for their opinion about their stay – how satisfied were they with the reception & services?  You can do that before they leave or afterwards by sending links.

During therapy, as soon as patients leave the hospital, they are usually on their own. Support your patients with standardized questionnaires during therapy, even if they are not in hospital. It will give you valuable information that will give you an improved picture of the patient at the next meeting. This allows you to better tailor diagnostics, therapy and other services to your patients.

If a drug has no or only a reduced effect, this can be noticed early on the basis of targeted questions.

After surgery, patients often need close support in specialist teams around the various specialists and physiotherapy. By receiving regular feedback from the patient through standardized and automated questionnaires, you can respond to a variety of situations individually and immediately.

There are hundreds of quality of life measures available in different indications. Lot’s of studies have shown the tremendous impact of standardized quality of life measurement and show the benefit to the patient, healthcare professionals and the health systems all over the world.

You would like to carry out patient studies? Be it a small evaluation, a larger study in different departments or clinical studies Phase I-III and even post-marketing studies – Care Integrator allows you to administer everything from one center. This also works multi centric with centers in i your country and abroad.

Diet plays an important role in many diseases. But it is not always easy for patients to follow the strict diet back in normal life. By continuously answering questions about their eating habits, patients can respond to certain irregularities.